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Woman car accident free donate their organs after brain death fa

Late on February 20th,28 year oldwoman Chen Hongmei Lezhi on the way home my misfortune traffic accident ,the head being hit .After two days of treatment ,she was a local hospital initially judged as brain death .
In one family into great pain at the same time ,Chen Hongmei made a convincing decision :if the wife is really brain death ,will be free to donate useful organs ,for the other is badly in need of organ transplant patients using .
Yesterday, after the Sichuan Provincial People groups of different experts in the identification of a two ,final judgment Chen Hongmei has brain death .For this result, Chen family decided to maintain the original intention of donating organs ,useful .
On the way home encounter accident 24 days afternoon5 when the left and right sides,Chen Hongmei in her husband and other relatives of company, Lezhi county from the local hospital was transferred to the provincial hospital of ICU ward .
However ,when she was just lying quietly in bed ,seemed to have no consciousness . When she and some friends after dinner walk, suddenly to the agricultural tricycle knocked her down on the spot ,the perpetrator ran .
Chen Hongmei Wei Qiang told reporters ,20,eight forty at night, his wife in the supper was on his way home, be agricultural tricycle down ,brain,Christian Louboutin USA, brain damaged . I was in Chengdu ,received a message back ,arrived, she has been sent to the operation room .
Wei Qiang tells a reporter ,and hospital undertook to Chen Hongmei rescue operation ,is to remove the brain extravasated blood ,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,however ,although at the time of operation is more successful, but the very next day Chen Hongmei was a sudden turn for the worse .
People have lost consciousness ,before still breathed ,afternoon even spontaneous breathing out ,need to rely on support machine .Wei Qiang said ,the doctor has initially suspected his wife as brain death ,but still suggest to observe the day .
On the 22 day ,the doctor finds Chen Hongmei still did not restore rounds autonomous breathing ability ,the doctor said ,is very likely to be brain dead ,let us families to make decisions ,whether to give up treatment .
To donate organs to save the lives of others on the edge of the bed sitting for a long time ,I want to have this with her .Looking at the bed ,Wei Qiang heartache ,his heart began to come up with an idea :if she really is brain death ,save does not come, I think can also leave something ?As her organ donation ,to help those who need ,also give us a bit of thought .
However ,the major decision cannot be made by the people he master, also must obtain the consent of Chen Hongmei direct relatives . Previously seen similar reports, but never thought would happen to them .
Discuss with family ,they have no objection, I think my wife will not against me .To decide a voluntary donation wife organ of this decision,Louboutin Pas Cher, Wei Qiang has emphasized ,that is not what is a great move ,but just want her to leave, can leave some care and thought ,but also to the donation by the family to the hope of life ,whether organ who ,Louboutin Outlet,together we will feel she is still ,this is enough .
.. ... Reportedly ,Wei Qiang and Chen Hongmei in the 2007 National Dayget married ,have a daughter ,this year is less than two years old .Usually ,the daughter is with grandparents in Shanxi.
My hometown ,Chen Hongmei after the incident ,was rushed back to sichuan . If the wife is really gone ,I decided to let the child will follow mother family name Chen ,his wife left behind will feel more .
Wei Qiang had tears ,daughter older and wiser ,I will tell her the story of my mother, I think she will for my mother proud .Family to discuss the donations, in accordance with the provincial hospital organ transplant center director Yang Hongji contact, 24 in the afternoon,the provincial hospital ambulance dispatch will Chen Hongmei and Wei Qiang received the chengdu .
Is it right? Brain death ,still need further judgement .Hospital director ICU Huang Xiaobo in a preliminary view Chen Hongmei told reporters after the injury ,currently only the judgement of Chen Hongmei spontaneous breathing disappears in a deep coma ,brain death ;however ,the decision is very strict, in addition to the need to experiment outside ,still need 12 hours apartagain by different experts group performed second judge .
It is understood ,before 8 when the left and right sides,first determine the results ,said Chen Hongmei identification results for brain death .In accordance with the relevant provisions ,11 pm yesterday,another group of experts on Chen Hongmei for a second identification ,were also identified as brain death .
Subsequently, the school will this message to the Chen Hongmei family ,and to inform them of the donated organ related matters . We discussed it ,decided to donate ,heading back to Lezhi to take the marriage certificate ,registered permanent residence and other things ,and then apply for notarization .
Yesterday afternoon ,christian louboutin shoes,Chen Hongmei said the families ,they still decide donated Chen Hongmei useful organs to save ,and get relevant information as soon as possible before donation procedures .
Now that she was going to leave us ,at least you can leave some things continue to live in this world .At the same time ,Huang Xiaobo said ,the Chen family for notarization ,organizational ethics committee will discuss ,through discussion and families willing to circumstances, as soon as possible tissue donation .
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The United States of America a couple married for

Data chart: Snelling and his wife Adrian 2007 photo.In current web aboard April an days along to Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" report, the United States of America a pair of hand to spend 61 years afterward the same day among the house of death.
Local police said,christian louboutin uk,by the age of 81,christian louboutin shoes, Snelling pistol Dutch act which suffers from cerebral degeneration peer wife Adrian death is additionally apt be determined.Couples whose children said,christian louboutin uk, "father and mum of the annihilate of his life,however the sense of grief,christian louboutin shoes,merely we understand it is derived from the deep love.
"It namely reported, the couple fall among admire ahead of sight amid the campus while,amid 1951,Christian Louboutin Outlet, got married,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher, with five children.Was nativity to a millionaire home of Snelling profession nearly,Louboutin Pas Cher,surrounded 2003 by the then President Bush appointed to Washington City Airport Authority,surrounded the anniversary before last January to December last year as the chairman of the management board of aerodrome.
While growth in an artistic home of Adrian is full of photography.However, Adrian 6 years antecedent suffering from brain degeneration,Louboutin Pas Cher, Snelling and catch on his wife,Louboutin Outlet, closely.His colleagues depict two "aces"extra appreciation of Adrian prior to her husband for the 1st.
Snelling newspaper last year apt contribute,soul and old wife walk.Even whether the use of pacemakers and had two knee joint replacement operation, the caregivers of ailing old wife, Snelling still jotted,apt take care of her is my happiness, because she had selflessly a standing ovation me 55 years".
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Reporter visits underground Dwelling origins vary

, Shakedown group strong Columbia also tramp sleeping each night so the door ,several shakedown team sleeping among light rail underground channel reporter Liu Song absorbs some folk even with the sack as a quilt Hualong network April 5th at ten thirty among the evening ,Linjiang door light rail station underground passage .
The comings and goings of the folk gradually dispelled,44strength brotherWang Ping (a pseudonym) went apt the underground passage by the annihilate of the corner ,put down the pole,apt sort open carry bedding, Mali drilling quilt .
Wang Ping 10 years agofrom Zhongxian came apt his home city power sibling because he and his roommate ,this section of the underground passage among the main metropolis namely their household every night at almost 10 p.
m ,they finished a daytime aspiration be back here every scatter the blanket into mattress,smoking ,chatting because a meantime Days ,and afterward go to siesta.At around 7 a.m. ,rush surrounded the a m pinnacle comes, they get up and packed bedding noiselessly depart.
For the city,they are the corner anonymous place,however,they also have their own wishes and nightmares.In April 2nd, the Toho doesn go home within micro-blog on drying out a night shoot Linjiang door subway photo ,released the team aboard the floor surrounded the attendance of .
Their bedroom has sanitation workers cleaning ,relatively clean,but take a shower ,Louboutin Outlet,can go apt the summer ,winter went apt the hospital to the bathroom wash within chilly water . Shakedown crew the main composition is approximately Monument for Liberation region strength sibling,scavengers and the tramp .
While the door light rail station underground passage is their maximum important areas .Every evening, vendors capture the main part of the passage ,shakedown team are by the end of the aisle corner chat vacation or fall into a deep nap each one minds his own affair.
We the folk,where never nap drowse.There is also more comfortable .Wang Ping said ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,here every day apt clean sanitation workers ,relatively clean,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher, summer is chilly and is not the wind and rain is a infrequent comely zone.
Of lesson,the biggest advantage is not money .In the underground passage within the floor antique is over 40 years age,even 60 years old,reporter discovered among the interview that ,some of them income actually live a more chaste house .
The best of times ,one daytime can gain more than 300 block.Wang Ping said namely down about a month can obtain nearly 1000 ,brothers Gang attach attach also can afford chaste haven But there is no money .
Wang Ping said ,we slept so well do .Sleeping among the underground passage ,take a shower bathroom how to solve? Wang Ping differentiated the reporters outdoor of the aisle has a bathroom but at night it is closed ,can also go to a nearby hospital toilets ,there always night to open the door .
To take a shower ,can go apt the summer ,winter only to the hospital with chilly water apt wash lavatory.Their history of this team of folk only back 80 ,Louboutin Pas Cher,seven alternatively eight years has been alive here ,the home did never know he was to doze aboard the floor .
doze elsewhere,christian louboutin shoes,these a few years began apt slowly migrate surrounded here .The regional sheriff surrounded Marinette Cao Hongfa said ,this section of the underground aisle security is a tremendous moat the police jurisdiction .
Shakedown originally sleeping surrounded every corner of Chaotianmen City ,such as Monument for Liberation ,Shapingba market door underneath the flyover ,Jiangbei River brink In recent years ,because the environment here is relatively agreeable ambition not be the wind and rain ,many strength brother,scavengers slowly gathered here .
Born among 1981,brother Zheng Yong (a pseudonym ) namely the force of this team of folk only behind 80 .He namely the oldest man ,the father had died of lung cancer ,seven alternatively eight years antecedent leaving his mom and brother,came to the metropolis apt acquaint a alive,since afterward he has lived here .
once had rented house, 100piece ofone month .Zheng Yong said next can not afford the rent,shook here .Zheng Yong know he aboard the main force brother,but does not know that he lives in the underground passage .
It longing never come back .Only occasionally a call .Zheng Yong said ,because the telephone fare Taigui ,himself calls are rarely played, he never sends household money .Reporters afterward call Zheng Yong ,christian louboutin uk,the age man tells a reporter ,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,he only know son and brother gang affix in the main metropolis hire but which is never clear.
Like Zheng Yong in such a situation ,shakedown marathon home namely extensive,know that their job but don life situation yet do never know their and life ,a lot of people prefer Zheng Yong, with a white prevaricate apt home live in a drum .
Their troubles the warm spring night more complex,people and clothing crouched in the quilt ,and occasionally drunk riotous .Relative to the loved and doze,underground passage namely apparently better space yet also has many free phase.
The underground passage namely cool in summer merely when winter is very chilly,deserving to the floor gathered approximate the entrance ,the wind will fill in .At this time on the floor aspiration go apt the eighteen ladder resemble the underground movie hall siesta,spend three greenbacks aboard a preside on the night .
The smelly not easy .Wang Ping says ,recent movie recording hall employer put the cost mentioned five block,the cost for them too invaluable hence,this winter how, he so late .For Wang Ping,to winter ,still chilly spring night more difficult,the night namely still cold yet never comely to live movie logging hall ,only their own slowly past .
Close paragraph of period apt cool,the reporter saw ,were crept in the quilt and clothes.In addition to the weather occasionally also with them .The door is approximate the city center zone,many folk prefer apt linger over night life ,the underground passage in occasional drunkard riot,and folk by this duration constantly avert each additional,afraid for their difficulties.
Make them angry and comic namely occasionally also pickpockets aboard them, Zheng Yong has recently been ripped out of pocket . We have no money ,you say that these folk can we do? They imagine of a agreeable go advocate oneself ,slowly to win parental understanding ,find more money to marry a wife .
Although doze in a subterranean passage yet shakedown team also every have their own dream.44 annual old Wang Ping was because of theft by the reeducation amongst labor backward his parents wouldn into the house ,ex-wife also took his son departed him ,he had apt live in the city while the force .
In an interview with reporters ,the mobile phone he called household but the additional celebration to listen his voice and afterward hang up . No access don go the right access,parents do never acknowledge my son .
Wang Ping said ,Louboutin Pas Cher,his only wish will be a agreeable go support oneself ,do not go astray maybe slowly obtain parents .In contrast to Wang Ping ,the young Zheng Yong had more wish : alternatively to find a better job solemn,can find more money .
Zheng Yong said ,Louboutin Shoes,I have buffet solo whether find the money, had better to be experienced to wed a wife .When saying this word ,Zheng Yong looked on him for a long time without washing hands lying on the rug staring at the ceiling, eyes are full of longing .
A sound understanding of them,assistance them to on the floor resemble the family folk have alter views.The reporter interviewed in the underground passage pass along folk,in prevalent a heap of them are quite understanding quite sympathetic .
In the Monument for Liberation apt go every daytime,have to pass through here Mr. Leung said: they are quite ill ,sleeping here also have not what ,do not do wrong things on it,alternatively let them nap where to go .
Another interviewee Miss Chen said apt understand their troubles,occasionally they would give them some money,but occasionally I work overtime late household,backward here aspiration be a little afraid :corridor was vacant,the ground went apt a team of folk discern the center aspiration be a little confused .
The reporter dialed the Yuzhong District Municipal Management Bureau of the phone ,staff said aboard the floor behavior is certainly of the lossy,but they are never Zhandao happening,just drowse in there ,so never appealing under the jurisdiction of civic.
The Civil Affairs Bureau bureau expresses civilian affairs departments ambition constantly give homeless folk apt cater some support in life ,certainly also includes the layer floor ,Civil Affairs Bureau staff ambition persuade them to adopt the liberate relief stations , return household,the Civil Affairs Bureau can assistance.
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also acquired a hand

also acquired a hand repair household appliances with good workmanship ,Louboutin Outlet,After getting this point ,christian louboutin uk,here rental housing numerous ,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,To check the ID card ? D ) In a restaurant . This conversation is most likely to have taken place at the office . Mr.W: I m sorry s with a .
) she was A ill-informed of the government s policy B they were actually opposed to banning ) landmines C ) she had not consulted the government before the visit D they believed that she had ) misinterpreted the situation in Angola 29 Howdid Diana respond to the criticisms A She paid no attention ?some people started a national association so as to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .fatty liver ,Louboutin Pas Cher,to help alcoholics alcoholics anonymous ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,iron sheet open .through the cordon found Liang Peiwen already falling in the track .and foreign body forceps gastroscope probe through a tube into the stomach .Related articles?

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Actually reflects pe

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by the student orch

by the student orchestra,Christian Louboutin Outlet, also for the first time with the Shanghai Univer College of Digital Arts cooperative,christian louboutin shoes, 119 all kinds of water gun 341 dates 5, a pink rose.A detailed understanding of the Liu Lao family,christian louboutin uk,
the old lady to neighbors and relatives and friends around,Christian Louboutin USA,"I have a customer once small change to buy a car,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,Car sales company and bank staff was counting money flying down! son suddenly pointed windows called 'mother,had to do what you must do successf 355 ifyou .. Humor is actually explained by people as feel sincere with the expression and laug ..men also should follow .who each recorded program , the judge sentencing court verdict said Qiang Wei.
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